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The World’s Most Interesting Wedding Dresses

The white wedding gown can be traced back to 1406, but it was not until 1804 that the white wedding gown became popular. We’ve rounded up 8 of the most interesting wedding dresses from lands far, far away to give you an idea of what’s happening beyond your backyard. When it comes to love and marriage, there are no borders.


In a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony, a Japanese bride wears white from head to toe, including makeup, kimono and hood. The colour symbolises her maiden status, and the hood hides her “horns of jealousy” that she might feel towards her mother-in-law.

Photo: Wild About Travel


Traditional weddings in Ghana are often very colourful. The Kente cloth, a type of silk fabric made of interwoven cloth strips, is used to make the bride and groom’s wedding outfits. Each Ghanaian family has its own distinctive cloth pattern.


In a traditional Kazakh wedding, brides typically wear a headdress known as a “Saukele” as well as a facial veil. The Saukele is usually prepared long before the girls reach the age of marriage.


The ao dai is the traditional national outfit of Vietnam. It translates to “long shirt” which became a popular formal attire in the 1800s. Till today, it is still the choice of many brides to don the ao dai when they get married.

Photo: Once Wed


The kokoshnik headdress is an important part of a traditional Russian wedding. Up until the 1920s, it was common for a young bride to wear her bridal headdress every day until her first child was born.

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Moroccan brides may change their bridal outfits up to seven times during the wedding! One of the dresses is a white wedding gown. However, the main dress for the formal ceremony is usually the takchita, a dress composed of two pieces. The first layer often comprises fine but understated fabric, and a more elaborate second layer, richly adorned with embroidery, beading or sequins.

Photo: Bridal Musings


Many modern Nigerian brides opt for the traditional Igbo wedding attire. The dress features a lace blouse and brightly patterned kaftan. They usually accessorise with beautifully patterned head ties and vibrantly coloured coral beads.

Photo: Wedding Feferity


The traditional wedding dress of a Macedonian bride consists of over 45 parts and weighs quite heavy at 22kg! The dresses usually revolve around the colours of black, gold, and most importantly, crimson red—which is a specific colour for the Mijaks (an ethnographic group of ethnic Macedonians). Brides will also typically wear a white veil with beautiful crowns made of flowers.

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