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‘Tis the season where the mistletoe goes up and frugality goes down! As the year wraps up, let’s not deny the subliminal urge to be a little more generous and indulge in the odd big-ticket purchase.

We’re helping you put together your wishlist with a roundup of luxury brands that are perfect for your horoscope. A handbag is only as interesting as its wearer, and with these curated picks, you can be sure your bag encapsulates your best side.

Cancer – Saint Laurent

Cancerians are creatures of contradictions, and are enigmatic individuals who are sometimes hard to read. This spirit of mystery is well captured at Saint Laurent, a brand that, under the leadership of Hedi Slimane, has honed the art of combining contrasting aesthetics to produce a masterpiece.


Aries – Kenzo

As an Aries, you’re bold and magnetic, often finding yourself in the centre of attention. You also have an inherent sense of adventure. Likewise, Kenzo is the embodiment of individualism, with its audacious clashing prints, experimental tailoring and eclectic motifs. At a time where everyone preferred couture to be prim and proper, Kenzo jumped in to prove that bold and unconventional was the way to go.


Pisces – Chanel

You won’t find a more loyal or compassionate acquaintance than in a Pisces! They’re will move mountains for others, but at the same time, they have a fun streak that keeps boredom far from anyone around them. This dependability echoes the tenets of the Chanel brand, which has a longstanding heritage of dressing women in classy and exquisite designs that never fail to floor the onlooker.


Aquarius – Alexander McQueen

An Aquarius isn’t one to go with the flow – they’re constantly pushing boundaries, navigating paradoxes and experimenting with opposite ends of any spectrum. Likewise, the Alexander McQueen brand knows a thing or two about being inventive and original. Contrasts are aplenty in their designs, with the unusual pairings of romanticism with the macabre, fluidity with severity and so forth.


Taurus – Mulberry

As a Taurus, you’re down to earth and dependable, and not one to gravitate towards extravagance or flamboyance. Routine and a sense of security are your creature comforts. The perfect brand for you is Mulberry- no doubt the pinnacle of English luxury. With its attention to function and masterful craftsmanship, every Mulberry design reflects understated elegance, and the flawless amalgamation of heritage and modernity.


Gemini – Proenza Schouler

Geminis are extremely adaptable and intelligent. Always at the frontline of every new happening, they are well known for being inquisitive and innovative. Enter Proenza Schouler, the cult American label best known for their phenomenally popular PS1 satchels. There’s no stopping this label’s meteoric rise, thanks to its innovative contemporary aesthetic.


Leo – Charlotte Olympia

Behold the Leo! These confident and highly esteemed ones are no strangers to the spotlight. They’re magnets for attention, with their infinite charm, wit and flamboyant character. If you’re a Leo, Charlotte Olympia is the brand for you. Its bold design elements never fail to be the centerpiece in any room, whether it’s the coveted feline motif, elaborate oriental-inspired clutches or their signature island platform pumps.


Virgo – Céline

Virgos are inherently analytical and introspective characters. Their composed demeanour belies the fact that they’re extremely driven individuals who busy themselves with their constant quest for success. French fashion house Céline is renowned for their cutting-edge minimalist designs. The details are understated, yet collectively stunning.


Libra – Prada

Libras are typically diplomatic and eager to maintain the harmony in their lives. They’re affable, elegant in taste and incredibly charming – characteristics they share with the Prada brand, which has its roots in fine tailoring and regal designs. Once the official supplier to the Italian royal family, Prada has proven itself to be a permanent coveted fixture on the fashion landscape time and again.


Scorpio – LOEWE

Scorpios are intense individuals with incredible passion, strength and drive. They’ll treat anyone they hold close with the utmost kindness and grace. If you’re a Scorpio, the brand for you is LOEWE. The Spanish luxury label is well-versed in artisanal craftsmanship and fine details, with graceful form and hardy function.


Sagittarius – Rebecca Minkoff

Sagittarians are free spirits who are forward-looking and perpetually sunny in disposition. This optimism often attracts fortune. The perfect brand for any Sagittarian is Rebecca Minkoff, the label best known for their playful and edgy designs that incorporate a touch of Bohemian flair.


Capricorn – Bottega Veneta

Capricorns are generous with patience, but are endearingly ambitious. They pursue their goals with great zest and their drive is contagious. Similarly, Bottega Veneta’s signature Intrecciato weaves– though time-consuming to produce—enhance the leather’s sturdiness, and is a testament to the brand’s focus on excellence.


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