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Reebonz Marketplace Boutique Spotlight: Boutique Ellen

Aptly named after the inspiring owner, Boutique Ellen is every woman’s dream closet; brimming with opulent vintage accessories and stylish finds, there’s something for icon-enthusiasts like you. We had a chat with Ellen Atkinson on how she stepped out of her comfort zone when she took over the business in 2006, and what the boutique has to offer.


Tell us more about Boutique Ellen.

Purchasing the business from its original owner of 25 years, we strive to ensure that Boutique Ellen becomes a leading and trusted source in the secondary market for luxury handbags and high-end fashion products. We offer a personal touch that makes you feel as if you’re shopping in a huge designer boutique. It caters to those attracted to luxury and couture fashion, but not to the expensive price tags that usually come along with it.

Knowing that you came from a different industry, what were the challenges faced when the business started?

It’s not as much challenges but the learning experience that really plays a huge role in running a business like this. In the beginning, trying to pronouncing certain French and Italian house designers seemed impossible. But as time surpassed, things like identifying international clothing sizes and figuring out the different types of leather used on luxury handbags came as a natural.


How would you describe the styles on BOUTIQUE ELLEN?

We offer styles that are chic, trendy, contemporary and sophisticated

What are the factors to consider when buying vintage/pre-owed items?

We always try to inform our shoppers that our items are pre-loved, but nothing is ever taken in unless the condition is like new and the quality and superb. It’s good to remind our wonderful clients that yes, the pre-loved items we sell are in pristine condition but, keep in mind they are used and there may be minor imperfections present.


What is your favourite bag trend of Fall 2015?

The sartorial bucket bags and exotic skins. The bucket bags are both chic and functional. The skins are simply timeless pieces.

Are there any new brands that BOUTIQUE ELLEN will be bringing in to Reebonz Marketplace in the near future?

We have a new consignor bringing in a load of never used Hermes Kelly bags in all different sizes and colours!

What are the top 5 brands that sell best for your business?

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Goyard

What’s the best fashion secret you ever learned since being in this business?

You buy resale when you find a reputable boutique or business that does it right. When you find a luxury resale or consignment boutique that offers high end fashion in pristine condition, it is almost foolish to pay the full retail price when you can get it for a fraction of that cost.


Share one unique item that BOUTIQUE ELLEN has on Reebonz Marketplace. Why is it so special?

We currently have a very rare Valentino Crocodile Framed Bag that retails for over $20,000. But that’s not what makes it so unique. The special part about this bag is that not only does it come from a very famous celebrity client, but rumour has it that the entire trim is framed in 18k gold!

What are three words to describe BOUTIQUE ELLEN?

Boutique Ellen is synonymous with trust, great value and unparalleled customer service.


Seeking for luxurious treasures to have and to hold? Find your vintage favourites from Boutique Ellen on Reebonz Marketplace!

xx Ella

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