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2015 Trend Report

2015 marks the start of a new year, but for fashionistas, it also means a brand new cycle of seasonal trends and styles. I sat down with our Reebonz Merchandiser, Pearlyn Chua, for the lowdown on 2015’s hottest trends.

Q: What are some of the top runway trends to look out for in the start of the year?

A: There are quite a number of key trends this 2015. For Spring/Summer, you can look out for light fabrics, sheer prints and lace that make up the flowy bohemian look. Floral prints are also in trend this season.
image 2
Runways are also going back to the basics, with minimalist and clean silhouettes. Utilitarian and sporty styles are in as well, so pull out your parkas.
image 4
Spring/Summer 2015 also sees designers reinventing stripes, with a dose of geometric influence.
image 5

image 6
Q: Are there any trends making a comeback in 2015?

A: Pantsuits and denim are big this season!
image 7

image 8
Q: How can I update my look for 2015 without a full wardrobe overhaul?

A: The key is to invest in a few items from the latest trend and pair them with what you have. Alternatively, alteration of old clothes breathes new life into them.

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