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3 ways to carry the mini bag at any age

It is deemed impossible to survive without a mini bag, and this does not only apply to fashion enthusiasts alone. On days you don’t feel like lugging a big tote, the mini comes as the best alternative to carry your essentials. Whether it is a trip to the grocer’s or a fun night out with your girlfriends, the sleek mini bag makes for a perfect style companion.

Mini—or even micro—bags are this season’s must-have despite us having to redefine on what counts as an everyday essential (trust us, we have all tried repacking the contents of our hobo bags into a miniature one). But we’ve managed to figure it out: grab your cards, cash, and keys and you’re good to go! That’s all you really need in your bag anyway.

For the young and carefree

Full of life and vigour, you need a mini bag to match your vibrant personality. With an unforgivable edgy appeal and possessing a knack for seeing beauty amongst chaos, Moschino mini bags sends a bold message of individuality and self-exploration.

For the independent woman

Everyone knows not to mess with you. Brimming with confidence and self-assurance, your bag should aid you in projecting this image. Get your hands on Alexander Wang’s Lia, sophisticated and reserved, but held upright and steadfast by its tough-lady metal studs. Slide into a pair of dark skintight pants, sling the bag on one shoulder and you are set to conquer the world.

@kendalljenner carries the #ALEXANDERWANG mini Lia bag with ball studs in black suede while out in #Paris.

A post shared by ALEXANDER WANG (@alexanderwangny) on

3.1 Phillip Lim’s Mini Pashli Satchel boasts well-developed wings, just like you. With a sturdy structure of a bag, there is nothing to stop you from taking flight with this classy and well-built satchel.

For the matured soul

Givenchy’s Mini Horizon Bag commands presence like no other. Its sleek silhouette boasts its infallible structure, taking the breaths of every individual in the room without uttering a syllable. Timelessly sexy, this is the bag for you to own. Dangle it at the tip of your fingers and don on a form-fitting knee-length dress for the ultimate Queen of Fashion look.

The M2Malletier La Collectionneuse exceeds expectations in fashion. Which is why we’ve saved the best for last. Only a lady with impeccable fashion sense like you can pull off such eccentricity. With its unforgiving lines and a stiff metal handle, bellowing its superiority in design, your strong aura and vibe are what it takes to tame this unorthodox beauty.

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