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A fresh start for chic classics

Sure, we can’t wait to try out new trends that have invaded this season’s runways, but that doesn’t mean we’ve lost our love for old classics. In fact, styling with vintage pieces remains as a fashion must-do in our books. If you are vintage-keepers like us, or are on a hunt for luxurious gems, there’s no better place to do so than on Reebonz Marketplace.

Providing you a selection of merchandise and boutiques to choose from, the site is a one-stop shop, giving you access to rare and pre-loved luxuries at your fingertips. From one-of-a-kind Hermès Birkin bags made from exotic skins to opulent Chanel jewellery; there’s something that will tickle your style buds.

Spotting unique designer picks can be rather tricky, especially if it’s your first time hunting for vintage finds. A good purchase often involves pieces with interesting history to it’s making, or a classic anecdote to it’s existence. Besides that, you should also consider its condition. Though many merchandisers promise that their items are in pristine condition, bear in mind that most pre-loved items come with slight imperfections.

Here are some other factors you should consider when buying vintage pieces:
Choose the right leather
Textured grains are often durable than smooth and suede leathers. Opt for pebbled or saffiano leather as they are easier to clean and will tend to make scratches less visible.

Fendi Elite Roll Blue HandBag

Seasonal styles and colours

Seasonal styles only appear once and are deemed to be unavailable in the seasons to come. Designers would usually recreate signature bags in different materials or colour, depending on the periodical trends – making them exclusives you’ll want to own! For example, if you’re thinking of getting a Chanel Flap bag, choose one in tweed or high quality plastic that sets it apart from the usual leather bags.

Chanel Naked Jumbo Flag Bag


Before purchasing your vintage find, make sure you check for its authenticity. Insist for authenticity cards and check on the item’s detailing. All stitches, hardwares, zippers and engraving should be in perfect condition.

Moschino Biker Sandals

This Christmas, instead of following the flow with seasonal accessory trends, stand out with golden icons on-lookers will be sure to covet. Here’s how you can style your classics this festive season.

Chanel vintage

Lay your hands on fine vintage finds on Reebonz Marketplace today!

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