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A look at the celebs who struck the genetic lottery

A uniform family outfit can go both ways – unbearably cheesy or just plain adorable. If you feel more inclined towards the latter, let us show you how to take a leaf out of the books of these famous blood-related duos.

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Often seen in the most eccentric of get-ups, Johnny Depp is a very fortunate man who is able to pull off any look, no matter how ridiculous. He seems to have passed on that enviable gene to his daughter Lily Rose, who also happens to be born with a beautiful face – no surprises there if you have seen her actress-model-singer mother, Vanessa Paradis! With her style choices, Lily Rose Depp will show you how she tackles her comfortably-eclectic look that is highly inspired by her parents.

Vanessa Paradis is an epitome of French chic – never overboard and always classy. Denim, well-cut pants and a good jacket is what you should go for to emanate Paradis’s aura. Lily Rose has displayed that part in her style when she goes simple in her denim and a basic top. Ankle boots seem to be a staple in her look, too!

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Jaden and Willow from the Smith family. You could probably also call them the Funky Family. The siblings are often seen clad in a crazy splash of colours, coupled with the type of futuristic cool that lets them garner attention everywhere they go. Clearly, being part of the Men In Black clan is not in their agenda.

To bring out your inner Smith sibling persona, simply opt for the most daring piece of clothing in your wardrobe. With them, it is really all about the attitude that matters. Are you wearing your clothes or are your clothes wearing you? They have definitely achieved the former in their style goals. By adopting the style of a Smith sibling, your self-confidence is sure to be taken to another level!


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