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Asia’s Next Top Model: The Perfect #Selfie

Photo: Asias Next Top Model

Models, models, models!

Back with a bang, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 (AsNTM) returns this season with Cindy Bishop and of course, Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai, Yu Tsai! For those who don’t already know, the fashion reality show features girls from across the region and their battles to become well, Asia’s next top model.

From left to right: Veronika, Nametha, Valerie
Photo: @veronika.twns,, @valerie.twns

In conjunction with National Selfie Day (yes, this holiday is real), we managed to have a quick chat with three of the top ten AsNTM finalists about fashion photography. From Singapore, we have the bold Nametha and from Indonesia, the gorgeous twins Valerie and Veronika. From grasping that perfect angle to their favourite photo-editing app, we get in on some personal tips from the models themselves on taking the perfect selfie.

1. Hello girls, please tell us more about yourselves!

Nametha: Hi, I’m Nametha and I’m 19 years old! I spend my free time listening to music, watching, reading and mostly eating.

Valerie & Veronika: Hi! We are 25 year-old twin sisters. We are currently focusing on Lookats Project, a creative business company that we have recently started!

2. As fans of Asia’s Next Top Model, we have to ask – how and why did you join the competition?

Nametha: I joined AsNTM to get a headstart to my career and to hone my modelling skills.

Valerie & Veronika: Because we are huge fans of AsNTM! We love modeling and thought joining the competition will give us more exposure to the industry. We initially auditioned for AsNTM Cycle 2 but weren’t shortlisted. But we didn’t give up and our hard work paid off when we were invited to audition for AsNTM Cycle 5 before being shortlisted.

Nametha & Veronika teaming up in one of the challenges
Photo: @veronika.twns

3. What in your opinion, is the toughest challenge in the competition? For Valerie and Veronika, was competing against each other part of the challenge?

Nametha: The toughest challenge for me wasn’t the actual challenges, but was about the separation from my loved ones.

Valerie & Veronika: Yes, competing with your sister is definitely part of the challenge as we’d hope to progress to the finals together. The toughest challenge in the competition for us was the very first one, where the models were required to walk in lingerie in public. We’ve never walked in lingerie and had to conquer our body insecurities.

Tu (left), Dorothy (right)
Photo: @minhtu_nguyen, @dorothypetzold

4. Which girl from the house do you most look up to?

Nametha: I look up to Dorothy the most. Knowing her background and how tough it must have been, I couldn’t be more proud of her for coming this far in the competition.

Valerie & Veronika: Tu. She is very independent and we look up to her for that. For self confidence, we would go with… Clara?

5. What are you biggest takeaways from ANTM?

Nametha: The biggest takeway will have to be with my friendship with the girls, with whom I know I’ll be friends with for a very long time.

Valerie & Veronika: The experience and weekly portfolios! Having the opportunity to work with famous photographers such as Yu Tsai and Joel, being mentored by experienced mentor and judges and our friendship with especially Maureen and the girls in the Good Girls room.

From left to right: Nametha, Valerie, Veronika

6. What is your definition of a perfect selfie?

Nametha: Lighting. It’s all about the lighting.

Valerie & Veronika: A selfie that will hold someone’s attention for at least five seconds! All kidding aside, the photo should be sharp, encompasses good lighting that enhances your face sturture and without too much editing.

7. What are some personal tips for taking said selfie?

Nametha: Always take it from 1pm to 3pm! For me, sticking your head out your window always works!

Valerie & Veronika: A phone with a good front camera is a must! Besides good lighting, one should also avoid heavy make-up – it’s about keeping the photo real.

Photo: @veronika.twns

8. Sometimes we have on the perfect outfit but there’s no one around to capture the moment. So what would, you think, be the best way to take an #OOTD selfie?

Nametha: Be creative, you don’t always need someone to take a photo of you! Put a timer on, use a wall or something to rest your phone and take your own damn #OOTD gurl, you got this. It may take 50 tries but hey, who’s counting?

Valerie & Veronika: Use a wide angle selfie app or use a tripod! But it’s probably because we’re currently vlogging and will always have with us a little tripod. This is one of those times when being twin sisters is good because one of us will always be around to help the other take the photo.

9. What is your go-to photo-editing app and why?

Nametha: I don’t really like editing my photos, so I’ll just brighten them most of the time if the photos are too dark. But if I had to use or pick one it’d be VSCO.

Valerie & Veronika: It’ll be VSCO! The app is user-friendly and come with a lot of editing tools.

(Looks like VSCO is the obvious choice.)

Complete the following sentences:

10. If given the chance, I’d love to work with…

Nametha: Manish Malhotra. He is one of my favourite designers and I’ve always wanted to walk for him.

Valerie & Veronika: TYRA BANKS. We would die for it.

Photo: @iiixet

11. When it comes to modelling, people don’t realize….

Nametha: that it’s like any other job. You have to work hard and and compete.

Valerie & Veronika: it’s not as glamorous as it looks on the runways and fashion magazines.

12. If I hadn’t become a model, I would be…

Nametha: a journalist. I’m still young and I do still want to achieve other things. I don’t think my education is over, so I’m hoping to pursue journalism.

Valerie & Veronika: an artist.

So there you have it, selfie tips from the fashion gurus themselves. Though we have to admit that without a modelesque face, we have a lot more work to do than just making sure the lighting is perfect. Then again, the point is to have fun on this holiday so as Nametha rightly said, the perfect selfie may take 50 tries but hey, who’s counting?

Special Thanks:
Nametha (managed by NOW Model Management)
Valerie and Veronika

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