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Bag Review: The Fendi 2Jours Petite Bag

Fendi’s handbag collections start off with a small number of simple, structured bags as its foundation. To create a little personality and add dimension to their bags, multiple variations of that design are then created with a myriad of textures, colours, embellishments and sizes.

Designer bags are a big investment and it almost always sets the tone for your wardrobe that season. You’d want to go for something that not only encompasses style, but also longevity and versatility. The Fendi 2Jours bag is all that and more. Below, we review why that is so.


The 2Jours’ rigorous structure, matte leather finish and minimal hardware gives the bag a thoroughly modern look that highlights the quality of the materials and construction. In its many calf hair and fur versions, the bag’s clean lines allow the highly textured materials to take centre stage. The combination of structured leather and a rigid frame keeps the bag looking fresh off the shelf long after it’s left the store.

At Reebonz, we have a wide calfskin range in different colours and sizes. Some feature quirky bag bugs with an enamel bar or floral charms with a beautiful snakeskin trim.


Open up the snap closure to reveal the beautiful lining inside. Each design is paired with a different lining. We find that the deep wine suede lining complements the rose exterior and snakeskin trim perfectly!

The interior features a handy zip divider that cinches the sides of the bag, as well as wall compartments to keep your lipstick or cellphone!


Most Fendi 2jours Petite bags come with trimmings on the length of its opening for decorative purposes, but they are deftly affixed with four screws that feature hexagonal drives. You will find that snapping your bag open and close is easier with these structured pieces in place.

You can also add a touch of personalisation when you have your pick at the hang tag that accompanies the respective Fendi 2jours Petite. If you’re already in the mood of Spring, go for the intricately stitched floral hang tag in rose colour. Otherwise, fly the fun flag with one of Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic bag bugs.

With four heavy-duty metal feet secured to the bottom of the bag, there is no need to worry about scratching the Saffiano leather no matter where you place it.


Although it is called the Fendi 2jours Petite, the bag is of a decent size and can still hold a rather sizeable amount of paraphernalia as demonstrated above. The dimensions of the Fendi 2jours are as follows:

So, what do you think of the Fendi 2jours Petite? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or shop now!


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