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Beauty Hacks: Achievable Makeup Trends

The makeup trends for 2017 are a tale of two extremes. Either incredibly minimilistic makeup artfully applied or piles and piles of contour, glitter and shine.

With all the beauty trends popping up lately it’s easy to get lost, so today on Style Files here are 5 new beauty trends that you can master easily with 3 products or less!

Glossy Lids

Photo: Teen Vogue

Spring/summer, a season typically associated with luminous, sun-kissed skin is taking dewy make-up to the next level. Glossy Lids are serving up that fine line between perfectly polished, seductive and downright grungy. It has been seen on the runway at Balmain, Creatures Of The Wind and Altuzarra. It has also been spotted on celebs like Kylie Jenner and Zendaya Coleman so it looks like this slick trend is here to stay!

How To

Step 1

Grab a shimmery/metallic shadow. The finer the shimmer, the better the wet look. Liquid, Gel and Cream eyeshadow tend to deliver that glossy look best. Apply with a brush or your finger.

Step 2

Time to get glossy, dab on a thin layer of clear gloss with your finger or a lip brush. Here’s the real trick: Avoid the crease of your eye, that’s where you feel the sticky factor most.

Matte Lips

Photo: Pinterest

Touching up your lipstick throughout the day is a hassle that many of us are tired of. That is why 2017 completely belongs to matte lips. Matte Lipsticks last longer, suit all skin tones and look super-gorgeous! If done right it will feel velvety-smooth and super comfortable on the lips.

How To

Step 1

To get the perfect matte pout, apply a lip scrub to exfoliate dead skin and infuse moisture. Matte lips doesn’t let you hide any dry patches. Use a damp wash cloth to wash off.

Step 2

Swipe on a coat or two of your favourite matte lipstick. The key to pulling off a matte lipstick is to make sure it’s impactful. A neutral shade or one too close to your skin tone can make you look sickly. Instead, opt for a strong pop of tangerine,red or fuchsia.

Glitter Your Soul

Photo: Lenzo

While glitter appeared somewhat subtly last season in the form of a swipe or flecks underneath an eyebrow, this season will be totally different. Full-out sparkling lips at DKNY and Fendi commanded a double-take, not to mention hair and body glitter was a huge trend at Coachella Music Festival.

So get ready to drench yourself in glitter and shine on!

Makeup Tip

If full on glitter is too much for you, you can still shine with a subtle swipe of highlighter across the high points of your cheek bones, nose bridge, inner corners and cupid’s bow.

Monochromatic Makeup

Photo: Refinery 29

Matching makeup trends have come and gone in many variations.The most on trend now for matching makeup is Monochromatic Make-Up. Everyone from Lily Collins to Gigi Hadid has been sporting it on the red carpet and it’s having a huge moment right now. It’s oh so simple and oh so stylish.

How To


The trick for this technique is keeping your eyes,lips and cheeks within one shade range, we recommend neutral colours such as brown, maroon or peach.

Contour Queen

Photo: Daily Mail

Five years ago the word contouring was barely part of the beauty vernacular and today a quick Google search will bring up over 75 million results.Contouring is not just limited to the face,now there are countless tutorials on how to contour the arms,décolletage and torso . There’s no denying that the popularity of contouring was due to the rise of selfies on Instagram and the household name presence of the Kardashian sisters. Now contouring is not so much a trend as an industry in itself.

How To

Suck in your cheeks and apply bronzer under your cheekbones, blending it outwards into the skin. Keep contour simple, formula’s sheer and blend like there’s no tomorrow.

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