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Save the Earth With These Luxury Brands

The colour green is ruling the season not only because Pantone had dubbed it the official colour of the year, but also because the eco-fashion trend has taken the world by storm.

Increasingly, many mega brands are starting to recognise the importance of ethical fashion and advocating it. So, in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow, we round up the brands that are playing their part in sustainability, so you can check out greener on your next shopping spree



In an effort to go green, Gucci collaborated with Livia Firth, creator of The Green Carpet Challenge, and the National Wildlife Federation to design handbags crafted solely from sustainable Brazilian Amazon leather. This was done in a bid to raise awareness on the subject of deforestation and to protect wildlife habitat.

Gucci’s environmental drive also includes the usage of shopping bags that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and made of 100% recyclable materials. The FSC is an international non-profit organisation that was established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.



The Italian fashion label has taken an eco-friendly approach by employing recycled materials in the production of its jewellery. These sustainable materials are moulded down into flirty shapes of abstract petal leaves and geometrical boules that make up the unique designs.



The Stella McCartney brand has been synonymous with eco fashion since its beginnings. As a lifelong vegetarian and an animal activist, McCartney was one of the first designers in the industry to acknowledge the importance of sustainable fashion. She does not use any fur or leather in her designs and dwells in works to evolve fashion in a more eco-conscious manner.

In 2013, she pioneered Eco Alter Nappa, a new type of faux leather with coating made from over 50% vegetable oil, a renewable and natural resource that enables the brand to use less petroleum in their products.



And, the greenest of them all is a brand prominent for red; Greenpeace Italy has ranked the brand first for its eco-ethics (based on their dedication to environmentally friendly policies). As a group, Valentino has vowed to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its products and supply chain by 2020, as well as agreed to a zero deforestation policy on leather and packaging procurement.

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