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Is the Prada Pionnière bag worth it?

Crowned not once but twice as the best selling designer brand in the region, our recent luxury report on the fashion landscape has put forth the truism that Prada takes precedence in the world of luxury, and on every style savvy woman’s wish list.

So when Prada dropped a new bag design on its Fall/Winter runway, which was in truth more novel to the brand than it was to the fashion scene, heads still turned. Of a vogue saddle shape that will be hitting the streets sooner than later, the Prada Pionnière bag is a welcomed diversion to the boxy, boardroom-perfect cuts that we’ve grown accustomed to expect from Prada.

Is this streetsmart crossbody worthy of your wardrobe? We are telling you here.


The Prada Pionnière series is mostly bicoloured with the exception of an all-black model. Other colours include:

• Black with white top
• White with black top
• Caramel with white top
• Red with black top

You will fall into the mood of Fall with these neutral, drab shades; but if you are looking to warm up the cooling season (or a monochromatic sartorial collection), punchy red is the colourway to go.



The Prada Pionnière bag is a veneer of smooth calf leather, valuable because it is soft under the fingers yet durable. A touch of gold by way of the royal Savoy coat of arms—a signature of the Italian house since 1919—adds a modicum of luxurious elegance to its otherwise minimal aesthetics.

Held secure by a magnetic button closure, your belongings will be easily accessible in a quick snap.



Lined with first-grade Nappa leather, the interior of the Prada Pionnière is as opulent as its exterior. The bag may only host one compartment, but it can feasibly hold a short flap wallet, an A5 notebook, a smartphone, a stylish pair of sunglasses and a stick of lip colour—all while leaving some room for your belongings to breathe.

Perhaps the most useful of all is the slim slip pocket sewn in place, where you can slide your bus/work pass effortlessly in and out during the rush of the peak hours.



Weighing approximately 0.9 kilogram, the Prada Pionnière is best for a day of errands when slung carelessly across your torso to keep both hands free. If that is the look you are going for, adjust the strap length to its minimum (approximately 40cm) to whip your outfit with lashes of attitude.

If you are slinging it on your shoulders for more swing in your gait, then adjust the strap length to its maximum (approximately 47cm) for the illusion of a more slender disposition.

For those who like to take risks in fashion, this dainty crossbody can follow you into the boardroom. Our take on it? Roll up the adjustable strap and carry it like you would a top handle bag. Now that you are expending less energy to lug a heavier tote, you can invest more effort in carrying yourself across with greater confidence and clout.

Care Tips

Leather is permeable and never entirely waterproof; so, follow the weather forecast religiously and stow the Prada Pionnière in its dust bag on rainy days. However, if the Prada Pionnière does come into contact with water, let it dry naturally. Resorting to high heat measures such as the hair dryer will only ruin the smooth texture of the calf leather by causing it to crinkle.

For more care tips, read here.

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