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Buddymoon: Tips For Twinning With Your Best Friend

Happy National Best Friends Day! This is the day to honour that one special person whom you call your “best friend”. The Monica to your Rachel, the butter to your bread, life would be dreary without him or her by your side.

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This day is a time to show them how much you appreciate them, how special and how important they are to you and how much you really cherish them as a friend.

What exactly is a buddymoon, some of you may be asking? There are two known definitions of this new word. It either means taking a vacation with a platonic friend to a destination that may otherwise be considered romantic or it’s where friends are invited to tag along for a honeymoon. This term has been picking up recently, with over 5000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag buddymoon and celebrities going on buddymoon’s with their best friends.

As an homage to buddymoon’s and national best friends day we’re going to share some tips on how to twin with your best friend effortlessly. Gone are the days of abject mortification when you see someone wearing the same outfit as you.The latest fashion trend expresses an irrefutable charm when dressed identically and we concur! So grab your best gal pal, a glass of prosecco and read on!

Sisterly Silhouettes

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Instead of having a head-to-toe uniform, opt for a matching silhouette. This gives off a vibe that is cute and coordinated without it being over the top or tacky.The similarity and differences lie in the details.You can match by wearing clothes that are similar in structure or style but always ensure there is at least one point of difference in the pair.

Counterpart Colours

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Matching outfits are meant to complement one another, not compete or fight for attention against one another. One way to prevent that is by having a similar colour palette. Colours help to harmonise and marry two outfits together. A shared motif or colour shades from the same hue ensure that your outfits complement, not clash. Wearing printed items of the same colour will make your outfit more interesting and less one-dimensional.

You’re a Gem

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If you and your best friend are not completely on board for the whole twinning trend, something subtle that you can incorporate into your outfits would be friendship jewellery. This is an old-fashioned trend that will never go out of style. Friendship jewellery is also something versatile that you can wear on a daily basis with different outfits, you can also play up different pieces of jewellery like necklaces, rings or bracelets, the possibilities are really endless.

Allied Stance

Source: Spoylrs Journal

The efficacy of twinning  is best noticed when the pair are of the same stature. When one friend is wearing flats and the other is wearing heels, despite them being of the same height, usually it doesn’t work as well.Try to aim for similar heights but if the odds are not in your favour you can then tackle this problem with shoes, like any other issue in life.Moreover, the difference in shoe-wear adds a delightful contrast in the outfits.

Incomplete without you

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We know that twinning is all about the similitude of the looks but it doesn’t mean that you leave your innate characteristics at the door for it! It may be a fashion trend but style is at the end of the day, all about individuality. Ensure that you inject your vivacious personality and make your charisma come through whilst simultaneously twinning. Looking cute doesn’t mean you have to compromise your own style.

“They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, a fashion trend may come and go. But Friendship never goes out of style”

– Carrie Bradshaw

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