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Céline Showdown: Luggage vs Trapeze

Céline rose to its powerhouse status when their newly-appointed creative director Phoebe Philo arrived. The brand experienced a revolutionary shift with their client base and it was a time when Céline bags took over the fashion world.

Everyone started lusting over the latest Céline bags and the Luggage tote was an instant hit among celebrities. Although it has now become one of the brand’s most well-known designs, many new and popular bags also popped up within the next few seasons—one of them is the Trapeze bag. Today, we put two of their most loved designs head-to-head to see which one is the better investment.


Both bags have the same general shape: square body, wings and a top handle. Although this is becoming a signature style among Céline totes, these bags come in either a solid colour, or tricolours for a more interesting look. Here on Reebonz we have:



On both bags, the wings mostly come in either leather or suede, but the Trapeze often features a third variation with patent flaps for a multi-dimensional look. We prefer drummed leather on the Trapeze as it gives the minimalistic design a little more depth while smooth leather helps to accentuate the debossed details on the Luggage tote.


Both bags typically come with a calf and lambskin lining. The interior of the trapeze bag is essentially one large compartment with two pockets on one side of the bag, while the Luggage tote only features one zip pocket. Although the trapeze has a large base, its trapezoidal shape means that it tapers towards the top of the bag.

Therefore, it can technically hold only half of what the Luggage tote can hold, since the Luggage has a more rectangular shape. However, if you’re only looking at daily necessities, both bags will get the job done.


The trapeze is definitely the more versatile bag. Its wings can be tucked in perfectly, creating a new shape altogether. The trapeze also comes with detachable straps, and although the smaller Luggage sizes have that feature too, Mini Luggage totes don’t have that option.


Both bags have minimal hardware. This is a common trait among most celine bags. One positive feature that the Luggage tote has that the Trapeze doesn’t is that it has protective studs on the base.

The Luggage tote’s zipper opening also provides much easier access as compared to the Trapeze’s clasp. You have to open the square clasp, then turn the lock horizontally before you can open the flap to unzip and access your content.

Overall, we think that the trapeze bag is the winner here. It’s versatility makes it the perfect everyday bag for the office or for going out. It is feminine, classy and absolutely chic! However, if you’re going for an edgier look, the Luggage tote is the better bag for you.


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