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The Chloé Faye vs. J.W. Anderson Pierce

Are we the only ones who noticed a striking resemblance between the Chloé Faye and J.W. Anderson’s Pierce bag? We are willing to bet not because you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Although the Chloé Faye precedes the J.W Anderson Pierce (it achieved It status in the Spring of 2015 while the J.W. Anderson Pierce only started dominating our Instagram feed in Fall 2016) their present fame cannot be disputed. Adulation for both bags has continued well into 2017, with many of us are still hankering after the J.W. Anderson Pierce Chloé Faye.

So, to ensure that you head towards the checkout point with the satisfaction that you’ve made the savviest decision possibly ever made, we thought a low-down on both bags (in small) in this round of showdown will help.


j.w. anderson pierce

The Chloé Faye comes in a rectangular shape with an adjustable leather shoulder strap. At the centre of its front flap is a ring ornament with a chain detail hooked to it. Whereas the J.W. Anderson Pierce takes a form closer to the trapeze shape, and its front flap is embellished with a barbell piercing.

Both bags are made from calfskin leather, although the Chloé Faye is trimmed with suede. Branding on both bags are inconspicuous as the designs speak for themselves, but the debossed designer letterings on the Chloé Faye is found on its suede flap, while the debossed designer letters on the J.W. Anderson Pierce is found on its barbell hardware—rendering it with a more luxurious touch.

j.w. anderson pierce


j.w. anderson pierce

Both the interior of the Chloé Faye and the J.W. Anderson Pierce are lined with swanky suede, which would require a little more tender loving care to maintain the quality of the material. At one glance, you wouldn’t notice much difference between their capacity as both bags are designed with two slip compartments and one slip pocket.

However, if we were to break down the measurements, the Chloé Faye is slightly taller and wider by an iota, while the J.W. Anderson is slightly longer due to its trapeze form.

j.w. anderson pierce

But, it’s not just the capacity of the Chloé Faye that we are leaning towards—even its magnetic flap closure will come in handier than the tricky barbell piercing closure that the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag is endowed with.



The Chloé Faye comes in two sizes and a limited range of colours including black, caramel and red.

j.w. anderson pierce


The J.W. Anderson Pierce comes in three sizes (mini, small and medium) and offers up a wider variety of colourways with a unique, two-tone selection in the mix.

The Last Bag Standing:

Ultimately, it boils down to a matter of taste. Although the Chloé Faye and J.W. Anderson Pierce bear some sort of resemblance, the style that each bag associates with is distinct—perhaps due to the brand association as well.

The Chloé Faye, along with its softer features, exudes a vibe that’s more bohemian; whereas the J.W. Anderson Pierce walks along the lines of romantic and gothic with its septum-piercing-inspired design.

However, considering that the gothic glam trend has just passed us, and we’re once again favouring florals and the 80s’ redux this season, perhaps the Chloe Faye is a wiser investment for the moment.

Don’t agree? Let us know in the comment section below or take our poll to take your side.

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