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Colour of the Year in Four Ways

Have you ever wondered how Pantone picks its colour of the year? It isn’t all arbitrary—according to the think tank, the colour is really a symbolic selection, an expression of a mood and an attitude towards the contemporary global culture packed in a palette.

This year, a lush yellow-green shade takes precedence. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute calls it the reassurance we need amid a tumultuous social and political environment: “Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”

So, although the colour is often reminiscent of foliage, that doesn’t mean we can’t borrow from nature and take the shade to our wardrobe. Below, discover refined ways to dress up in green for four different occasions.

To The Office

Show them who’s boss in a military blazer jacket. As green is a colour that’s related to stability and endurance, you’ll be sure to command respect in the boardroom.

Or, to approach th wearing of green in a more subtle manner, perhaps a bag in this great shade will be telling of your on-trend instinct.

To Dinner

Keep the slate clean so more can be done with your hair and accessories. A simple, silky dress is elegant enough, but understated details such as a gathered knot will add a nice twist.

If you’d rather stick to your Little Black Dress, add some greens to your getup in sophisticated forms of accoutrements.

To A Party

Leave the party-goers green with envy when you mix it up with the colour of the year. After all, greenery is a seasonless and versatile shade that lends itself to many colour combinations.

(For more inspiration, Pantone serves up thoughtful palette pairings here.)

To Brunch

Although it’s chill time, there are no excuses for being sloppy over the weekends. On the way to brunch, add some greenery to the scenery in forms of comfortable shoes and portable crossbody bags.

As the saying goes, new year means new beginnings so step out of your comfort zone and take on our colour challenge!

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