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Dior VS Louis Vuitton: Resort Collection Showdown

Held just days apart from the other, fashion powerhouses Dior and Louis Vuitton had recently debuted their 2018 resort collections. Despite showing off the same collection, the houses were, in terms of their showcase, at almost the opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.

From clothing designs to runway venues, we look at how each house went out of their way to create the biggest social media splash and who in fact, did it better.

The Venue

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

First on the list – location. Set on top of a breathtaking mountain at Miho Museum in Kyoto Japan, Louis Vuitton had taken its show to new heights. Literally.


Designed by I. M. Pei, the architect behind Paris’ Louvre pyramid, the museum is a mixture of contemporary and natural splendour – a venue perfectly reflects the collection’s aesthetic ideals.

Photo: In Style

Brown, barren and beautiful. Located in the California Desert of Santa Monica Mountains Nature Reserve, the venue we say, is meant to host Dior’s resort collection.

Photo: Vogue

Spotting airy tents, hot-air balloons and gorgeous views of the Calabasas hills, it was like watching a fashion show on a big-budget movie set.

The verdict: Dior. While both venues are equally stunning, we felt the desert had really complemented the house’s Bohemian-styled collection.

The Guests

From left to right: Laura Harrier, Jennifer Connelly, Fan Bing Bing, Sophie Turner, Michelle Williams, Isabelle Huppert and Riley Keough
Photo: Vogue

What is a fashion show without an audience? At Louis Vuitton‘s show, we spot starlets such as Sophie Turner, Fan Bing Bing and Laura Harrier.

Rihanna with Kelly Rowland
Photo: In Style

Dior on the other hand, welcomed stars such as Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Kelly Rowland and Nick Jonas. Impressive.

The verdict: Definitely Dior. Because you know, Queen RiRi.

The Collection

Photo: The Snobette

For Louis Vuitton, it is easy to see where Nicholas Ghesquière had sought his inspiration from. A plethora of Japanese references, including the dramatic cat-eye flicks and obi fabrics inspired suits, is seen throughout the show. An unsurprising move, given how Ghesquière is a huge fan of the Japanese culture. We are talking about the man who had casted Final Fantasy XIII for the house’s SS16 campaign.

Photo: Fashionisers

The collection also features street-style designs by Kansai Yamamoto, a Japanese designer who dressed celebrities such as David Bowie.

Photo: WWD

For Dior, Maria Grazia Chuirui had drawn her inspirations from the wall paintings of France’s Lascaux cave.

Photo: aishtiblog

Besides primitive prints, the show featured earthy shades, flat-brim hats silky dresses that floated in a dreamy fashion. Almost like Coachella in its most luxurious form.

The verdict: Louis Vuitton. With its elevation of street-style and meticulous integration of unique Japanese motifs, the house did more than just earn this point.

So who did it better? Well if we had to choose, we would go with *drum roll* Dior. Not only did its venue seamlessly complement the collection, we thought the flat-brim hats and dreamy dresses were more… resort-ish.

Don’t get us wrong, because at the end of the day, we love LV just as much as we do love Dior. Meanwhile, look out for the next resort collection for when it comes to fashion, you never know when the houses will surprise you.

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