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Enter the fun, fresh, fantastic world of Fendi!

No one fashionably-inclined would stare at you blankly whenever the name “Fendi” is brought up in a conversation. As an extolled member of Italian’s finest, the House of Fendi is synonymous with luxury, artisanal excellence and “opulent minimalist” designs. 

Founded by Italian couple Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925, Fendi has since evolved into one of today’s most celebrated fashion powerhouses.

The brand took its first step towards global success when Edoardo and Adele’s five daughters (Paola, Anna, Franca, Carla & Alda) entered the family business. It was them who had the foresight to compete in a rapidly industrialised society. They discovered and brought a then unknown designer, Karl Lagerfeld, in as the Creative Director, who created the House’s first fashion collection in 1977.

Ultimately, this move propels Fendi forward and the rest is written in stone.

Today, Fendi is not just a store you visit when you want to purchase a quality handbag, it has also become a trendsetter in the volatile world of fashion. While Karl Lagerfeld continues designing for fur and Women’s prêt-à-porter collection, it is Silvia Venturini Fendi, daughter of Anna, who joined in 1994, who serves as the Creative Director for Accessories and Men’s lines.

Since her inception, the ingenious Silvia Venturini Fendi has created some of the most sought-after bags in the world. Who could have forgotten about the Baguette from the late 90s or the 2000’s Spy bags? Or in recent years, the chic Peekaboo and the ladylike 2Jours.They all serve as a triumph of Silvia’s prowess as a designer and to remind the world Fendi is here to stay.

Today, we shall look at Fendi’s current and unique designs that have quite literally taken the fashion world by storm and entice fashionistas to crave for more! Bag Bugs Charms Originally introduced in the Fall 2013 show, this is one bug you would not mind catching and keeping. These ferociously-adorable monsters with names of their own are cute as a button.

Bag Bugs Bags and SLGs

Capitalizing on the success of the charms, the whimsical Bag Bugs can also be found on Fendi’s blockbuster bags! Go wild with your choice of colors and materials instead of sticking to the predictable.

Afterall, fashion is about having fun right?

QuTweet Capsule Collection

By now, you would have noticed that the Bag Bugs either have menacing faces or melancholic eyes. But if you think this is just for the cool chicks, you thought wrong. The QuTweet capsule collection, inspired by tropical birds Silvia saw in Brazil, is evident that this high fashion club embraces the sweet and innocent lassie too.

Karlito Capsule Collection

Well, this is one that needs no introduction, really. We are only surprised it took so long to happen.

The Micro Bags

Blame these lil’ fellows for inciting the whole “Small is The New Big” trend if you must but we predict they are here to stay for at least a while. “But they are too small to hold everything I need!”, you lament. Well, it would actually make more sense if you ignore the Micro’s “bag” label and think of it as a pouch. Keep your phone, nickels, keys or metro card in one and hang it on your bag to avoid fuddling through the big guy.

Take a look at these fashionistas and how be inspired by how they incorporate Fendi into their wardrobe!

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