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THE EXOTICS II: Covet & Care

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Love your exotic leathers? Earlier in Part I of The Exotics, Style Files covered crocodile, alligator and lizard skin. In this installment, I’ll be talking about my favourite exotic leather of all – the ostrich.

Ostrich leather is often highly valued as one of the toughest yet most pliant leathers around. Unlike crocodile, alligator or lizard skins, ostrich leather is full of natural oils, making it highly resistant to drying or cracking, while keeping it extremely soft and supple.

The distinctive quills of the ostrich skin are telltale signs of where the bird’s feathers used to be. If you run your hands over the quills to feel the tiny pores atop each bump, you would be able to tell between the difference between real and imitation leather.

If you’ve invested for yourself a glorious ostrich leather bag, here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to keeping it in perfect shape for the long run.

– Blot stains with a damp cloth as soon as you can.
– Sprinkle talcum powder over oil or grease stains and let it absorb the oil for an hour before brushing it off with a soft and dry cloth.
– Store your bag or accessory in a cool, dry place in its box or dust bag.
– Let it rest naturally without any weight pressed down onto it.

– Dry your leather in direct sunlight or with a hairdryer. Sunlight can fade your leather over time.
– Use any conventional leather cleansers or conditioners not intended for ostrich leather.
– Use any soaps or solvents, as the leather does not have heavy finishing protecting it.

This desirable exotic leather enwraps some of the most coveted bags and small leather goods from top-tier labels, such as Hermès. Go on, indulge yourself with one here.


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