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Get The Truth About Goatskin and Hermès

Deeply rooted in French culture and with a strong equestrian heritage, Hermès designs their bags with only the finest leather. Also, this brand offers a much wider palette of materials than any other major bag brands.

Even when delving into each individual type of leather such as cowhide, goatskin, crocodile skin and lizard skin leathers, there are a myriad of processes which result in nuanced variations within each type of leather.

With its luscious looks and outstanding qualities, it’s little wonder why goatskin is a well-loved leather. Many fashionistas love goatskin for its distinct grain. It is relatively softer and lightweight compared to other leathers yet it is extremely hardwearing and even water resistant.

This makes goatskin a natural, easy and proven choice for timeless, long-lasting bags such as the Birkin, Kelly and Constance to name a few.

An excellent example is Chevre de Coromandel. This type of goathide leather is extremely resilient and strong while also being lightweight. It also absorbs colour well, going through a process that adds sheen to the surface and gives the skin an attractive iridescence that many find irresistible. Women adore the soft texture of this goathide leather, and love how tough it is against scratches.

Another example is Chevre Mysore – this leather comes from a male mountain goat and is known for its fair softness and refined grain size. Usually found as the interior lining on many Birkins matching the exterior colour, the smooth leather surface is also easier to spot clean than fabric linings, making it easier for users to keep the insides of their bags in great condition!

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