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How-to: Care for a bag

We all love our designer bags, don’t we? Like every fashionista, I always want to keep my beloved accessories in the condition it came in. Though I keep it away from the rain or high humidity, it isn’t enough! So I met up with Jessie Seah, Leather Goods Expert at Reebonz Atelier, to find out what’s to learn about bag care and maintenance. Here are her top tips to make your designer purchase a lasting investment:

Slow down the process of colour fading and colour transfer in 3 easy steps:

Keep your bags away from the elements: harsh sunlight, hot weather and high humidity.
Store your bags in the dust bag or pillow case (a minimum 220 thread count) to reduce exposure to UV rays.
Avoid contact with furniture or garments that may cause colour transfer.

Prevent folds, creases and wrinkles in 2 simple steps:

Stuff paper inside the bag to keep its shape.
Undo strap buckles during storage.

Avoid soiling your handles and straps in 2 ways:

Minimise handling the bag with fragrance oils, sweat or lotions.
Adorn your handles with a scarf to minimise contact with skin.

Prevent musty odours and mildew with proper storage solutions.

Store your bag in a well-ventilated area.
Dry rain or liquids off items before storing it.

Be kind to your beloved bags and don’t overload them with excess weight. You can extend their life span with moderate use and ample care.

With such useful advice from Jessie, I have no more excuses to salvage a worn handle or discoloured bag–prevention is the best measure! Start saving your arm candies with these tips today.


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