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The Luxury Resale Index

With a growing love for luxury, Asian shoppers have shown an increase in their spending – specifically on designer items. Our Asia Luxury Index revealed a 20% growth in the pre-owned category, proving that there is a new age of Asian affluence and an evolving luxury ecosystem is changing perceptions towards pre-owned luxury.

While brand new items sell fast in the market, shoppers are now more intrigued in purchasing items that hold heritage values that make worthy investments. A-list celebrities such as Renee Zellweger, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and more have also endorsed pre-loved luxuries as they walk on the red carpets in vintage frocks or one-of-a-kind designer pieces.

As to ease shoppers in making the right decision when looking for an investment piece, the Asia Luxury Index also includes a Resale Index, listing the top ten most valuable luxury brands and bags that have been found to retain its value even (or sell higher than its retail price) in the resale market.

Go to pieces
Bags that are able to sell at a higher price than its retail value.


Reliable bets
Bags that are able to retain its retail price even with prior ownership.


Steady demand
Bags that sell less than its retail price but maintains a great demand in the second-hand market.

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