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How did we rate the Givenchy Antigona?

Taking shape with Givenchy’s 2011 Fall/Winter collection, the Antigona followed up closely on the success of its predecessors—the Pandora and the Nightingale. It may have been half a decade since, but the popularity of the Antigona is unabating, cementing its staple status within the fashion maven’s wardrobe.

With each passing season, the challenge therein lies with innovation, an undaunted one for Givenchy. With the introduction of new variations this season, we’ve refreshed our verdict on the Givenchy Small Antigona below:



What’s new with the Antigona this season? For one, there’s the addition of a maroon rendition—an unmissable shade when Fall swings around—and the introduction of an airy blue colourway, a trending hue on Pantone’s most recent Fashion Colour Report.

But instead of tiring the entire colour palette in existence to stretch its range, Givenchy experimented with texture. We got our hands on an Antigona that is immaculately studded around the circumference, while another boasts intricately-weaved flanks that will make for a truly unique model in the sea of its counterparts, which have indefinitely populated the streets.



You can find the Givenchy Small Antigona in two primary skins:

• Goat (grained, of a matte finish)
• Calf (smooth, of a glossy sheen)

Contrary to popular belief, calfskin does not scratch easier than goatskin; rest assured that quality is prime at Givenchy. With a little tender loving care, your Antigona will go a long way in looking pristine.



To facilitate a smoother glide, the zip top that secures your belongings is made of larger teeth. Aesthetically, the conspicuous silver tone adds swanky edge to the geometrical Antigona. Functionally, it poses as an irritation to the few of us who have been lightly scratched on the back of our hands before.

Silver buckles acting as a nexus between the body and the strap are a lavish addition to the aesthetics of the Antigona, but that’s it. The strap is neither adjustable nor detachable, though it does fall nicely under the influence of gravity when the Antigona is held by its top handles—so, don’t worry about a hassle.

Contrary to the sound of its name and despite the sturdy structure of its shape, the Givenchy Small Antigona is commodious. In an attempt to fit as many things as we can, a neatly folded blazer, A5 notebook, long wallet, perfume bottle and sunglasses all ensconced nicely without the bag bursting at its seams.

Its canvas-lined innard may not feel as luxurious as suede, but it is definitely the most practical with a zip pocket and two extra slip pockets to stow your loose items.



Weighing approximately 1.2 kilogrammes, the Givenchy Antigona is light enough to tote to the office yet sturdy enough to command respect. The strap drop measures at 22cm approximately so it is not a wise fit when slung across your body, but it is the perfect length to hang from your shoulders.

Our favourite way to wear it? By dangling it off our fingers precariously.
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