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Achievable red-carpet beauty looks for all ages

The power of makeup is an enthralling one to wield. We often pine after red-carpet beauty looks, but we understand no less that such impeccable makeup requires more than a pair of hands to dust at the face or dab at the lips, not to mention the amount of experience gathered under the belts of makeup professionals.

But to dismiss it as an impossible solitary feat is plain unambitious. Today, we’ve gathered a few pointers to help you achieve a Tinseltown-worthy visage by age, which will subtract the excessively dramatic or gaudily glamorous from the equation of your workaday look.


red-carpet beauty

Skin: At the age of prime beauty, makeup should enhance and not obscure. The most fundamental fard you will need are foundations and concealers to even out any redness or blemishes on your skin

Eyes: To highlight your youthful glow, dust some sheer neutrals or pastel shades across your lids, similar to the light bronze that Jennifer Lawrence was spotted in. Then, you can find dimension in a slender tick of winged eyeliner that will add just the right amount of sultriness.

Lips: As for the perfect lip colour? Don’t limit yourself – feel free to experiment with current colours that you may not have a predilection for when you hit a greater age. For Jennifer Lawrence, she opted for of-the-moment fiery red.

red-carpet beauty



Skin: In your thirties, a few extra lines or spots might begin to grace your face. Applying sunscreen can help to reduce their development, while protective primer can smooth your skin out for an even dusting of bronzer that will render your pallor an instant glow.

Eyes: While one might assume the smoky eyes is too edgy a look for the woman in her thirties, it can always be pared back with softer shades of eyeshadow and a lighter dosage of mascara, the way Scarlett Johansson smoulder in hers.

Lips: At this stage, it is more essential than optional to line your lips before applying the lipstick. Take a cue from Scarlett Johansson and opt for a youthful posy tinge – cherubic enough to offset the smoky eyes – that will take the years off you. For good measure, apply it in high gloss to attain a supple set of kissable lips.

red-carpet beauty


red-carpet beauty

Skin: Enter your forties and you might need to tweak the farding regime you’ve known like the back of your hand. Your skin thins with age, and that has a significant impact on the colour of your complexion.

Foundations in yellow and gold shades are a red-carpet favourite – consider these warming colours the universal undertones of youth that will add some vigour to your visage, all while evening out pigmentation of your skin. For an additional boost, sweep upwards your cheekbones with a faint blush for natural-looking rosiness.

Eyes: Go major with your lashes! After decades of heavy volumising formula, a woman in her forties can anticipate flatter and sparser cilium. For eyelashes as thick and black as Cate Blanchett’s on the red carpet, a lengthening mascara with lightweight formula should be applied in calculated layers. Then, clip your touched-up eyelashes with a sturdy pair of curlers for optimum curl.

Lips: At forty, stay classy and not trendy – but that does not mean you can’t experiment with colours. Stick to a neutral palette and you might end up looking washed out; opt for sombre shades and the makeup will be too harsh on your features. So, define the golden mean in fresh, fruity hues similar to the bright berry shade Cate Blanchett sparkled in, which will add vibrancy to your mien.

red-carpet beauty

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