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Revisiting the start of the bag frenzy all the way through time

The world of fashion is ever changing. Trends fade and return but will always evolve with our differing needs in time. With special regards to bags, I bet that many of you have seen your fair share of trends that were relevant during their time but aren’t so much today.

While we’ve successfully (and thankfully!) ditched the horrendous bubble bags in the 90s or the unflattering bum bags from the 80s, there are certain trends that are worth keeping. So, let us take a trip down memory lane to explore our favourite bags of all time.

60s: Era of Social Reforms

The swinging sixties featured some of the most popular trends of all time! It was a time when fashion revolved around the social and culture movements in society, particularly in relation to the Women’s Liberation Movement. The relaxed social taboos against women led to the development of unisex fashion and the famous mini skirts that we absolutely adore today.


In light of these trends, structured bags, especially clutches became extremely popular in the 1960s. Clutches that had an angular shape came into vogue to suit the fashionable androgynous look. Moreover, carrying clutches also created a relaxed, nonchalant appearance that reflected the rules of the 60s. So if you were going for a cool devil-may-care style, try this Michael Kors clutch that will go well with your new pantsuit for an edgy overall look.

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Owing to the mini skirt trend, structured crossbody bags were also sported quite a bit in the 60s. Together with the brightly coloured A-line mini skirts, these bags worked their magic to give women a casual, youthful vibe while ensuring that their body frames were not being overwhelmed. Till today, crossbody bags are still highly adored worldwide for their versatility and effortlessly stylish look. Now you can grab your mini skirts and strap on your favourite Céline crossbody today to show off a fresh, girly vibe of the 60s today!

shop now70s: Era of Freedom

Following the freedom of expression that started in the 60s, the 70s fashion highlighted the importance of individuality and expression. This gave rise to subcultures and the hippie, indie fashion that we all love today. With better technology and globalisation, the 70s encouraged fashion experiments that created eclectic styles that resulted in its brilliant appeal.


Coupled with the social revolution and endless room for creativity, the 70s was famous for its loosely structured bags made in a variety of materials. Then, many people carried heavily printed tote bags full of colours that symbolised liberalism and independence. Join the movement and embrace this indie culture with this Fendi bag to show off your distinct 70s style.

Tote bag

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Suede, fringe and tassels were extremely popular at that time and were usually coupled with understatedly chic earth tones. However, distinctly bright coloured prints were also seen on these bags in contrast to their muted earth tones, giving each bag an extra dose of personality. As a result, fringe bags rose to fame and were quickly seen on hippies everywhere!

80s: Era of Pop

By the 80s, major social reforms had already settled into place and the fashion world saw a general shift in focus towards the increasingly globalised pop culture. People paid extra attention to what the artistes wore; remember Madonna’s super vixen style in ‘Like a Prayer’ and Michael Jackson’s red leather jacket in ‘Beat It’? The entire music industry had a heavy influence on fashion during this era.


In the 80s, everything was considered trendy as long as it was bright and colourful. Neon and metallic hues were the in thing and were the style staples of those years. Life was practically like a party and you had to be cool if you were wearing one of those things! Relive the party in the 80s and add this Prada metallic gold tote for a bold, standout look no one can stand to miss.

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90s: Era of Minimalism

Contrary to the flamboyant style of the 80s, the 90s offers a more mellowed and casual style to suit the increased convenience made possible by the advancement of technology. With the development of the Internet, there wasn’t much of a need to dress up for work anymore. People could practically work from one end to another without knowing how the other party looks like! Hence, comfort was key in influencing designs sported by the people living in that era.


With increasing development of societies, people became more pragmatic, leading to more practical styles. One of which was the backpack purse that features 2 slings for a better distribution of weight. This enabled for people to carry more things around for a longer time without feeling the strain on one shoulder. Complete your 90s look with the commonly spotted checked or denim outfit and a MCM backpack that creates a casual kind of cool that will take you anywhere, everywhere.

Backpack purse
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So pick your favourite fashion era with these bags when you shop here today!

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    Love all the different styles. Very unique

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