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Romantico Tesoro’s Luxury Timepieces

When you hear the words, “Romantico Tesoro”, there is a good chance of having your mind wander around the stunning streets of Italy with vast artistic culture to fill your hearts with. You’re almost right but here’s a geographic twist – we’re bringing you an essence of Italy within Japan.

In Picture: Director, Roberto Yodino

“Located in the ever-bustling Tokyo, “Romantico Tesoro” holds a range of luxury timepieces. The beauty of a luxury timepiece goes beyond the surface looks but also, the artistic structure and precise mechanics behind each solid frame.

Quoted from the company’s Director, Roberto Yodino, “Sometimes, watches are considered to be treasures by people and we believe in this value.” With time ticking, we pushed our conversation over to the polished team and discovered more about what treasurable successes they’ve lived through to make their reputation soar till present time.”

What is the story behind Romantico Tesoro?

Romantico Tesoro is a direct translation of “Romantic Treasure” in Italian. We believe timepieces are precious treasures to people, therefore we found the company in hopes to import and sell these treasures to our customers.

Tell us why these 2 Italian-based brands spur a demand in the Japanese market?

“Italian watches are a hit in the Japanese luxury market mainly because the famous and dapper Japanese soccer player, Honda, endorses them.

Among its competitors, Locman is largely recognized not only for its designs, but also for its advanced and sophisticated structure. Whereas Brera Orologi stays classically true to its heritage, earning its reputation from its precise and contemporary arrangements.

In addition, the Japanese reveres both of these brands because their cost outperforms that of Swiss watches.”

Source: Romantico Tesoro

What are some factors a customer should consider when buying a luxury timepiece?

When buying luxury timepieces, you should opt to purchase from a reliable e-commerce platforms or boutiques to guarantee its authenticity. These parties should be able to promise you punctual delivery, as well as any form of support if there are issues with the order.

Another important factor to consider then is the maintenance fees. Inevitably, the battery of your timepiece will have to be switched and it can cost between tens of dollars – if you are getting battery changed for Quartz – or thousands of dollars if it requires an overhaul of the mechanical batteries. Moreover, the belts of timepieces are expendable and they ought to be replaced regularly, which will incur more cost.

However, don’t be afraid to trust your own instinct when it comes to investing in a designer clock. It’s not everyday you might stumble upon the perfect watch with the perfect model, perfect colour or perfect belt. So, value these once-in-a-lifetime encounters and don’t hesitate to invest in the ideal match or you might never find the exact item elsewhere.

Share with us few tips on how to care for a luxury timepiece?

  • Luxury timepieces may possess high water resistance, but effort should go into avoiding contact with water for guaranteed resistance may decrease overtime if the wristwatch stem is loose, or if the condition of the seal rubber deteriorates. Therefore, it is wise to take a resistance test every time you overhaul or change the battery.
  •  If you accessorise with your timepiece almost everyday, frequent wear requires for the belts of your timepiece to be replaced regularly. Otherwise, mix it up with permutations of colours and belts for a longer-lasting possession while you enjoy experimenting with style.
  •  Clean your timepiece regularly! To do so, wipe your watch with a damp cloth to remove traces of sweat and dust. Otherwise, air sprays are very effective cleaning mechanisms as well.

Source: Romantico Tesoro

Are you able to share any interesting facts about the mechanics behind these luxury timepieces that makes them so expensive?

It is well to take note of the material and structure of a case. For example, titanium and carbon are expensive because they are dependable materials that require high processing skills for the designs to take character. Also, the dial of the clock is an exquisite component that makes the detail of the index. Date molding takes plenty of time and effort, but it generates an atmospheric balance.

Tell us why these 2 brands play a significant role in the Japanese market?

The fact that timepieces are gadgets sold in boutiques as high fashion has bestowed it with a special position. Locman and Brera Orologi are among the few brands that amalgamate a ticking watch and the fashion scene simultaneously. Therefore, they are the two brands that are the most popular. Established in 1986 by Marco Mantovani, Locman is a respectable manufacture d’horlogerie, which designs and manufactures timepieces in contemporary Italy. It has an exceptional reputation for case-making and its aluminum case with diamond and carbon fiber is an invention that has been employed by many other timepiece brands.

Today, with over 1,500 shops selling Locman, it proves that the brand is not only loved by the Italians but by consumers all over the world. But what’s not to like when Locman has a distinct corporate color of orange, blue and white? These colors represent joy and the beauty of the beaches in Italy respectively.

For Brera Orologi, their entrant to the market was made only in 2008. Named after their founder, Maurizio Pasi’s, expensive residential hometown, this business simply started out as a keen interest while he was young child. Triggered by his exposure to watching making in the early days, this has sparked his curiosity in the field and gradually to a reputable owner. In the midst of his success, the respectable individual has also won first prize at the Neiman Marcus presentation in the USA.

In the present day, Brera Orologi has evolved from a humble brand to one that is loved by such famous personalities such as Neymar and many others!

Why should people own/invest in a luxury timepiece?

The experience of owning a luxury timepiece shares some similarities as to enjoying oneself in a lavish restaurant or driving a branded car. The essence of luxury boosts one’s confidence and is amplified to creating a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, it is a possession of sentimental value that you can inherit from or bequeath to someone important with negligible costs and inconvenience.

What are 3 pieces from Romantico Tesoro that should definitely be on our wish list?

First up, it would be the Brera Orologi “Super Sportivo” because it is already an international star in the market and we can’t help but to praise the cool factor for this luxury timepiece. Next, it would be the Brera Orologi “Granturismo”. This piece is meant for the car-lovers out there as it is inspired by the industrial design of a race-car with features such as a front grill, accelerator pedal and shock absorber. Last but not least, your eyes will also have to be on Locman “Montecristo”.

Which 3 adjectives best describe Romantico Tesoro?

Cool, Sweet and Beautiful.

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