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Stock Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Looking forward to a sweat-free winter? Then, it’s time to stock up your wardrobe. Pack away the lightweight summer wear—you’re not going to need them for a while—and fill it up with the heavy-knit pieces that will keep you warm in frigid weather.

Need some tips on how to stay organised? Here are some tried-and-tested ones from us:

1. Pinspiration

You can start by perusing Pinterest to get inspired. This will give you the motivation you need by keeping you excited about your end goal.

Then, strategise the way you’d negotiate the clean-up. You can work your way through your wardrobe from left to right or top to bottom, but as a rule of thumb, always discard (or donate) anything that you’ve not worn in the last three months.

2. The Right Investment

Get more bang for your buck when you invest in the right material. Quality may matter, but context does too. For example, you’d want to choose cashmere over wool as it can be up to eight times warmer but is significantly lighter.

3. One For All

Maximise the mileage of your basics by jazzing them up! Get as creative as possible and one drab-coloured pea coat can provide you with endless sartorial permutations. For one, you can pin a brooch to your coat or dab on a classic red lipstick.

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