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RompHim™: What’s That All About, Then?

Romp with your bros this summer?

By now, you would have heard of the RompHim. Positioning itself as fraternity’s next big thing, the RompHim has taken upon itself the Herculean task of revolutionising men’s summer fashion, one bro at a time.

Wait a minute, what the heck is a RompHim?

Created by ACED Design, the RompHim is essentially the men’s romper. It is a one-piece garment comprises of a collarless shirt, structured shorts and an adjustable waist.

These fact-bites should sum up what you need to know about this phenomenon:

  • You have these people to thank for the RompHim

Can't believe we kicked on day 1! Appreciate the love from everyone as we get #romphimseason going.

A post shared by Original RompHim™ (@originalromphim) on

  • Over $190,000 has been raised on Kickstarter.

  • The RompHim is party-tested and a foolproof gift. Here are the exhibits:

A perfect Saturday for a #RompHim and a couple #rompers.

A post shared by Original RompHim™ (@originalromphim) on

To say the reactions are mixed is an understatement. #RompSquad or #RompNot? Take the following poll to let us know which side you’re on!


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