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Understanding the business of selling pre-owned luxury with Reebonz Marketplace

Unlike other luxurious boutiques, step inside ACROSS’s bricks and mortar and you will be greeted in rolling waves of comfort and ease. There isn’t a semblance of smooth, polished marble that will have you worrying about tainting it with your fingerprints, nor are the lights so blindingly harsh that it accentuates the sneers of rare but existential snobbish sale assistants.


The elegance of the boutique comes across humble and understated, visible only to those who are observant enough to note that the interior was furnished with great care and meticulousity. Such virtues reflect the business in all aspects; the brand also takes great care in curating the finest selection of pre-owned luxury for their customers, in an effort to overthrow any pre-conceived notions that fashion lovers may have of second hand designer goods.

To understand how ACROSS is different from other luxury merchants and how they are able to offer such competitive prices, the team at Reebonz Marketplace had a quick chat with the brand’s manager, Miki Shinde.

1. Tell us a little more about the story behind ACROSS.

We wanted to change the negative image associated with pre-owned items because people are skewed to think that secondhand items—which have been used by others before—are dirty and often display signs of usage. To counter that, we decided to establish a boutique where we provide high quality, pre-owned luxury items.

We came up with the name ‘ACROSS’ because we wanted to build a bridge between luxury brands and various customers.

2. How is ACROSS boutique different from other Japanese luxury merchants/boutiques?

In dealing with pre-owned items, we select only the highest quality products that are equally rare and in vogue within the fashion scene. These products are thoroughly maintained via professional cleaning to ensure that they land in our customers’ hands in excellent conditions.

After which, we will also provide earnest follow-up services for our customers.


3. Where does ACROSS boutique usually source for its luxury goods to offer them at such competitive prices?

Our experienced buyers purchase a wide variety of luxury from highly trusted suppliers, whom we have developed a long-standing connection with since we’ve been working with them for over a decade. In addition, we have also established a special buying process that allows us to offer our designer items at more competitive prices.

4.What is the rarest piece of luxury you have come across at ACROSS? What makes it so special?

The rarest piece of luxury we’ve come across is the Hermès Birkin 30 cm from their Candy Series.

Not only is it hard to come across brand new products in this colourway, it is extremely difficult for customers to obtain one of these editions. Yet, we found it in a beautiful condition in pink, a popular and trending colour that made the handbag even more unique.


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5. What are 5 pieces from ACROSS that should definitely be on our Summer wish list and why?

Jige Clutch Bag

Coloured in a beautiful and refreshing blue, this is a versatile recommendation that will take you anywhere from the beach to a night out.

3 (2)

Céline Luggage Nano Shopper

This exuberant number is summer’s hero bag. In a bright, cheerful yellow, it is widely known for its basic yet structured form but renders us with a new impression all the same.

4 (1)

Gucci Vintage Drawstring Shoulder Bag

Imbued with a sense of modernity that elevates its casual purpose, this one’s a regular model that has been loved for many years mainly because it defies time and still manages to look elegant.

5 (2)

Chanel Première Rock Quartz Women’s Watch

Featuring a cool, steel chain bracelet that is interwoven with a stylish blue leather ribbon, this exquisite timepiece is a limited edition with only 1,000 pieces per design available worldwide.

6 (1)

Prada Nylon Tote Bag

This is the bag that redefined the brand’s concept. Of a camouflage print and an androgynous design, the bag is ideal for both general usages and for travelling.


6. Which 3 adjectives best describe ACROSS?

Chic, unique and creative.

7. What is the most popular & rare stone piece that customers love?

Diamonds. Diamonds are not rare stones but they are the regular items that customers revisit all year long.


8. How is the value of precious stones measured?

We have a panel of three specialists who will examine the stones before we submit the results to an organisation. The experts from said organisation will then appraise and price these precious gems alongside this given information – such is the value of trust and accuracy.

9. Which celebrity do you think is most likely to shop at ACROSS boutique and why?

Of course we hope to have many celebrities visit our boutique! It is our vision to let men and women of all ages enjoy luxury shopping with us.

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