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Our verdict on the Medium UltraDior tote

The discontinuation of the Dior Panarea meant that fans of the fashion house could anticipate an outshining successor, one that was dropped in the Spring/Summer 2016 collection with all the elegance of the Dior woman—the Dior UltraDior.


But before you run this magnanimous-looking piece to the checkout page, here’s all you need to know about the contemporary Dior Medium UltraDior in under ten minutes.



Now that the new season is in full swing, a greater range of the Dior Medium UltraDior was introduced to Reebonz by variations of hues. In designer colour, they go by the names of Rouge Carmi, Bordeaux and more, but to spare you the work of figuring out which is which when the shades are seemingly similar, here’s a simpler breakdown.




Comprising grained calfskin and Dior’s topstitched cannage motif trademark, the Medium UltraDior joins the ranks unquilted. The leather is supple on touch and stubbornly resistant to ride out your shopping days.


It is often said that true beauty comes from within. If we were to apply the same pearl of wisdom to inanimate designer bags, the UltraDior is a glittering bona fide.

Its pristine interior is a reflection of the exterior, boasting equally top-grade topstitching albeit in reversed colours. As it is meant to serve as a shopping bag, the lack of an inner slip or zip pocket might bug the organised few of us.


But whatever the Medium UltraDior lacks in functionality, it makes up in practicality. It is sizeable, with the capacity to fit anything from an A4-sized magazine to a folding umbrella in case of wet weather.




The straps are a sturdy string of swanky silver chains that link the body of the UltraDior to luxuriously padded handles. Therefore, no matter how heavy your tote gets, straps that might not hold out will be the least of your consternation.

However, because the straps come in double, some of us might find trouble keeping them in place when worn over our shoulders. The outer string slips off easily—especially when you are wearing sleeveless—but over-the-shoulders isn’t your only way to tote the Medium UltraDior!



Wear it on the crook of your elbow for a classier disposition or hold it by the handles to swagger with ease.

You will also fall in love with the impeccably-crafted branded charms that add a sprinkle of extravagance (and brownie points) to the Medium UltraDior.





Although the straps are unadjustable, they hang at a drop of approximately 25.5 cm, the perfect length for women of just about any shape and size. As for the dimensions of the Medium UltraDior, they are as follows:

Overall, we rate the Medium UltraDior 4 out of 5 stars. Are you coveting it yet? Shop it right now.



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